Who we are

Dear friends,

In December 2011, in Drafaki, on the way to the airport, we made our vision a reality. We have created a modern pharmacy, a place of health and beauty, centered on man.

Our main goal was, is and will be the provision of high quality health services and counseling for the inhabitants of our island and its numerous visitors.

With a team of scientifically sound pharmacists and collaborators, who are informed about all the developments in the field of medicine, we are close to you, with respect and love for the patient and for our place.

We are proud that, all these years, we can and do offer a high level of medical care and valuable information about the health and beauty of our friends and visitors to our pharmacy.

We would like to thank you, each one individually, for the trust and support you have shown us all these years.

We continue to be better for all of you, with dedication to our ministry.


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